UTS Chemicals, through a variety of partnerships, provides products and services to all users of commodity, specialty oilfield, and water treatment products through four main business lines.

UTS Production Chemicals develops and manufactures customized products for our customers’ requirements in the field. The products designed by our in house technical team, based in the UAE, provide cost effective solutions and enhance productivity and HS&E benefits to our clients. UTS Production Chemicals is proudly committed to maintain UTS PC at the forefront of customer service through continuous evaluation and improvement. For this purpose, UTS PC represents and works closely with our UK based partner Roemex.

UTS/ ChemTreat provides solutions to all water treatment needs from source water treatments to process solutions and waste water treatment. Thanks to our complete analytical facility we can carry out real time analysis and recommendations for all water handling needs.

UTS/ Systems Separations provides solutions to power and boiler fuel problems applying specialized chemicals to control vanadium corrosion and fuel combustion.

Production Chemicals

Roemex Production Chemicals provide quality products, designed specifically for our customers field requirements by our in house technical specialists. Our chemicals are applied specifically to provide economical cost effective solutions and to allow increases in productivity, cost reductions and HS&E benefits to our clients. Roemex Production Chemicals pride ourselves not only on the chemicals we design, manufacture and effectively apply in the field, but on our commitment to customer service through continuous evaluation and improvement of our processes, products and services. A variety of chemicals mainly of an organic nature are used in enhancing production of oil and gas and mitigating problems associated with the production of oil and gas.