METOS MARINE is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of galley/kitchen and laundry equipment to vessels operating worldwide. METOS MARINE equipment and furnishings are used in more than 3000 ships including ice breakers, naval ships, cargo vessels, passenger ferries and offshore industry. In-house production of most equipment guarantees consistent quality control, efficient material handling and short delivery times. We are capable of executing new-build & refurbishment projects on turnkey basis including galley lay-out design, supply & commissioning. Of course after-sales support is backed-up by our representatives spanning around the globe.

METOS MARINE holds an ISO 9001 quality certificate and ISO 14001 environment certificate issued by SGS Fimko Oy. Subject certificates are valid for development, production and marketing of customer-oriented complete solutions, products and services to assist professional kitchens in the production of food and beverages.