Water conservation is aimed at reducing the usage of water in the various sectors of day to day life. As technology has developed, different solutions for reducing the usage of water are in practice. One of the methods, is to employ a vacuum sanitary system where the water used for flushing the toilets are reduced by 80% thus saving a lot of water in daily operation. As the awareness to conserve water increases and people look out to have more green solutions, even the building designers are looking to employ vacuum sanitary systems in commercial & residential buildings.

Evac wastewater solutions allow treated effluents to meet strict discharge standards but also numerous reuse standards. Indeed, projects on upgrading wastewater treatment plants to facilitate reuse have increased due to water scarcity, awareness of sustainability issues and stricter regulations (Bixio et al., 2005). For most of applications, non-potable reuse can allow you to get the maximum water saving points (10 pt.) in the LEED® credits rating system.

Evac Water reuse system can reduce your water consumption, make your home, office, commerce or your industry more eco-friendly and insure safe utilization and compliance towards standards. Wastewater has a high potential as a source of reclaimed water, because it is available independently of seasonal and climatic variation, while its volume is predictable

Wastewater reuse can provide additional water independently of groundwater level, additional revenue while decreasing the water footprint. Weather it is separate grey, kitchen and black water, or household wastewater, Evac systems provide high quality and disinfected water complying towards various reuse worldwide standards.