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Egersund Group sets new record in oil spill recovery

Published: 26 Aug 2015
Egersund Group newly developed MOS Sweeper system set a startling record with an oil recovery rate of 96.4 percent

Egersund Group`s newly developed MOS Sweeper system set a startling record with an oil recovery rate of 96.4%.

In June 2015 Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies (NOFO) carried out a realistic oil on water exercise in the North Sea. The purpose was to test and develop preparedness against serious spill accidents and new equipment is tried and tested to ensure that it works before it is put into an operational oil spill.

In the final report of the exercise published by NOFO last week (Oil on Water 2015) it was highlighted that the MOS Sweeper System had a recovery rate of 96.4% of the oil released into the sea. This sets a new record for NOFO for an active oil recovery system and has drawn attention from oil companies and oil spill response networks around the globe.

Norway is one of the few countries that benefits from full-scale, offshore oil-on-water exercises organized annually by NOFO. These events provide Egersund Group with a unique knowledge base for testing, understanding and improving products and oil spill preparedness.

Egersund Group, in collaboration with NOFO, has developed the Marine Oil Spill (MOS) Sweeper system. This is a complete system, with revolutionary properties in heavy seas and high speed. The oil is collected efficiently and pumped back to the ship continuously. The MOS Sweeper system is very cost effective as only a single vessel is needed to operate the system and is very suitable for use in harsh weather conditions.

The MOS Sweeper system has been part of NOFO`s Oil Spill Response 2010 program. Verification by NOFO is a stamp of quality that the system can perform as an oil recovery system.

Egersund Group will showcase its latest technologies with its exclusive partner in the UAE, United Technical Services – UTS, during this year’s ADIPEC 2015 exhibition in November at the joint UTS stand in Abu Dhabi.

Egersund Group is a supplier to the fishing, aquaculture and offshore market. Established in 1952 and has over 1300 employees. Total group revenue in 2014 was NOK 1.8 Billion.

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