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UTS and SMRT International invest in 2getthere

Published: 04 Jul 2016

• Investment by global transport companies to help achieve Dubai’s 2030 goal of 25% driverless trips within the city

Dubai 3 July, 2016 – SMRT International Pte Ltd (SMRT International) and United Technical Services (UTS) today announced their investments in 2Getthere Holding B.V. (2getthere), a Netherlands-based company that designs and makes a family of Automated Vehicles (AV).

SMRT International is acquiring1 a 20% stake worth €4 million (AED 16.3 million) in 2getthere, while UTS is increasing its holding in 2getthere to 11% against the same valuation.

These investments are a strategic step that will deepen 2getthere’s technological capabilities as a leading market provider of AV systems. It will also enhance the delivery of current and new projects in the Middle East and Asia Pacific. Mr Carel van Helsdingen, CEO of 2getthere, said, “We are very proud to reach an agreement with two of our longstanding overseas partners. Investments by these industry leaders will support the realization of the projects currently under contract and our continuous development and integration of new technologies into our solutions.”

Dubai’s vision of driverless or automated transport will receive a boost through 2getthere Middle East, a joint venture between UTS and 2getthere. 2getthere Middle East and UTS Chief Operating Officer, Mr Ziad Al Askari said, “2getthere’s solution is aligned with the push for greater autonomous transport within the Middle East in general, and specifically in the United Arab Emirates. With this investment we can accelerate our contribution to Dubai’s 2030 goal to make 25% of all trips within the city driverless, as recently announced by Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.”

Mr Goh Eng Kiat, Managing Director for SMRT International said, “We have been working with 2getthere since 2010. We have made this investment as we are confident in 2getthere’s technology and see growing demand for AVs in Asia. We look forward to working together to further expand operations into international markets through the provision of consultancy services and operational expertise with transportation networks.”

Mr Carel van Helsdingen concluded: “The investment and involvement of SMRT and UTS in 2getthere further strengthens the ability to deliver complete, and completely automated, systems to our customers today. Our systems and applications will grow into scenarios of increased complexity, incrementally shifting into higher degrees of mixed operations, from applications in controlled environments towards semi controlled environments. In pursuit of this roadmap, we will work within 2getthere and with our partners to enhance the technology so as to ensure the safety and capacity under mixed operations.”

1 SMRT International will acquire the 20% stake through a wholly-owned subsidiary to be incorporated in the Netherlands

New AV opportunities in the Middle East and Singapore

2getthere Middle East, signed a contract to supply a system based on the 3rd generation Group Rapid Transit (GRT) vehicle (Annex A) for an undisclosed project earlier this year. This is 2getthere’s second AV system in the Middle East after its Personal Rapid Transit system in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi.

Established in Singapore since April this year, 2getthere Asia Pte. Ltd (2getthere Asia), a joint venture between SMRT Services Pte Ltd and 2getthere, has been awarded its first consultancy project for a major Singapore client to assess the feasibility of implementing the GRT system within the client’s premises. In addition, 2getthere Asia remains on schedule to trial the first 3rd Generation GRT vehicle in Singapore by the end of this year.

SMRT International has also been actively exploring opportunities in the region. For example, it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Singaporean consultancy firm Ectivise Solutions Pte. Ltd and the Baku International Sea Trade Port (Port of Baku) in Azerbaijan. The two companies will advise and support the Port of Baku in its efforts to enhance the operating effectiveness of the port through new technologies and innovative solutions, including a GRT system.

“2getthere’s unique technology sets it apart as a proven solution for commuters and cities today.” said Mr Colin Lim, director of 2getthere Asia and Managing Director of SMRT Services. “The award of these projects confirms the significant potential of deploying AV systems in Singapore and beyond in the near future.”

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Robbert Lohmann
Chief Operations Officer, 2getthere

Ziad Al Askari
Chief Operating Officer, UTS and 2getthere Middle East

About SMRT International Pte. Ltd.

SMRT International offers Operations & Maintenance (O&M) services to rail transport owners, operators and project developers overseas. We also support the O&M and interconnectivity of multi-modal rail and road transport systems through consultancy services. Staffed with a team of experienced and high-performance professionals, rail operators and owners can rely on us to manage the smooth start-up of their new systems and the enhancement of the existing systems. SMRT International’s strength lies in our system- wide domain expertise, complemented by our familiarity with the latest technological advances and our spirit of innovation.

About SMRT Services Pte. Ltd.

SMRT Services, formerly known as SMRT Engineering, actively manages and markets in-house rail-related Operations & Maintenance (O&M) capabilities. These capabilities include the O&M for transit systems, Automated Fare Collection systems, the SMRT Active Route Map Information System (STARiS), Automated Vehicles and an integrated multi-modal transport service from planning to operations and maintenance. We work closely with the authorities and our partners to provide a range of rail-related services in Singapore and beyond.

About 2getthere

2getthere develops, markets, implements and operates sustainable Automated Vehicles. Our vision is to accommodate sustainable mobility for people, planet and profit by being recognized as the leading supplier of Automated Vehicles. We provide efficient, high quality, certified and tailored transport solutions, building on 25+ years of technological development and experience. 2getthere is a corporate member of the Advanced Transit Association (ATRA) and founding member of its Industry Group.

About United Technical Services

Through a vision to be a leader in understanding our customer needs, Gulf market trends and requirements, and a mission to effectively leverage Strategic global partnerships to create opportunities, provide better technologies, Services and environmental and health protection; United Technical Services (UTS) has had over five decades of sustained growth and experience in the region, and been instrumental in providing the highest quality engineered products and services to a diverse industrial and commercial base.

Helping to build a better future
To continuously enhance accessibility to market opportunities by establishing long term key relationships with customers and stakeholders- by developing propositions and solutions that add value and drive excellent results.


2getthere’s Automated Vehicles (AV) provide passenger transport at high frequency or on- demand, while eliminating the need for a human driver and physical guidance. These systems are guided transit modes with driverless operation, featuring computer- controlled vehicles.

The vehicles navigate on virtual routes, using odometry and artificial landmarks for calibration through a guidance control system. For added passenger safety, on-board collision avoidance systems on the AVs detect all surrounding obstacles and adjust vehicle velocity and acceleration accordingly. With its rechargeable battery technology, the quiet, emissions-free vehicle also represents a commitment to sustainable electric transport.

3rd Generation Group Rapid Transit (GRT)

The next generation of GRT vehicles will be launched in Q4 2016, and will incorporate enhanced obstacle detection systems and improved vehicle control algorithms to ensure better driving and passenger comfort.


Made in the Netherlands
ConfigurationStandard (2 doors)Alternate (1 door)
Seated passengers812
Standing passengers168
Wheelchair accommodationIn between seats
Luggage accommodationIn between seats
Length:6000 mm
Width:2100 mm
Height:2800 mm
Floor level:412 mm
Height passenger compartment:> 2000 mm
Wheel base:3700 mm
Wheel track:1580 mm
Vehicle weight:3500kg
Payload:1918 kg
Maximum weight:5418 kg
Power supply:Electric battery
Range:>50km on a fully charged battery
Maximum / advised gradient:10% / <6%

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