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Water Treatment

Published: 28 Nov 2018


Why do we need Water treatment?
Water treatment is the process of removing undesirable chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended solids and gases from water. The goal is to produce water fit for a specific purpose.

We need water treatment in industrial processes for various purposes. Raw water chemical treatment programs are designed for the removal of suspended and dissolved solids from industrial influent waters. Boiler chemicals keep your system free from scale and corrosion. Wastewater treatment is required as means of caring for our environment and for our own health by removing as much of the suspended solids as possible before the remaining water, called effluent, is discharged back to the environment.


Why invest in water treatment technology?
Water treatment is often seen as an additional cost on top of an already expensive industrial process. However, water treatment can be hugely beneficial to your business not only because it can save you a good amount of money per year in operating costs but also because of reduced maintenance it can increase efficiency and output.

Apart from the financial benefits and increased productivity, it is also important to remember that with constant use of machinery comes wear. It is therefore important with vast operating plants to have your machinery operating efficiently and safely as not only is your operation at risk but the safety and well-being of your employees is too. Quality and safety comes hand in hand.

How does UTS help you with water treatment solutions?
Through our partnership with ChemTreat and Evac we allow our customers to reduce water, chemical, and energy costs, extend asset life, improve process operations, and reduce downtime.

ChemTreat Chemical Water Treatment
We partner with ChemTreat to provide customized industrial water management programs for boilers, cooling towers, influent, and industrial wastewater.  A water treatment chemical program needs to be customized and applied with the utmost care. We regularly monitor the water quality in our customer’s systems and make prompt recommendations for adjustments when needed.

We have a complete series of advanced chemical solutions for every stage of your industrial water operation:

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  • Raw Water
    Our raw water chemical treatment programs are designed for the removal of suspended and dissolved solids from industrial influent waters.
  • Pretreatment
    Treatment of the makeup water with the help of our chemical programs is essential for optimizing the success of any industrial system.
  • Boilers
    Our full line of boiler chemicals is designed to keep your system free from scale and corrosion, allowing you more time to focus on what matters most.
  • Cooling systems
    We take the time to understand the exact needs of your cooling water system. A full system audit is conducted by a field engineer before recommending a cooling water chemical program.
  • Wastewater
    Our wastewater programs are designed to help our customers protect their systems and the environment, as well as comply with state and government discharge regulations.

Evac wastewater treatment system
United Technical Services partners with Evac to provide Wastewater treatment systems in the region. These systems separate and neutralize organic contaminants in wastewater to comply with national and international legislation.

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Evac MBR
The Evac MBR (membrane bioreactor) is an advanced wastewater treatment process that can treat all wastewater streams to current standards. 

The Evac MBR is a biological sewage treatment plant that offers advanced black and gray wastewater treatment solutions. It directly replaces traditional biological units, and with its membrane technology it easily fulfills all current and imminent treatment requirements. In some cases, effluent from the unit can even be recycled for specific uses. In the marine industry, it allows vessels to operate in environmentally sensitive areas, treating and discharging all wastewater generated by passengers and crew without threat to health or the environment. It is based on proven, very low-maintenance membrane bioreactor technology, which is capable of filtering out particles, even those as small as bacteria.


  • Proven technology with very low sludge production
  • Extremely low running costs and minimal energy consumption
  • Membrane has an expected lifetime of over 10 years and is resistant to clogging and fouling
  • Compact footprint
  • No continual chemical consumption
  • Disinfection and dilution water are not required
  • Available also with combined vacuum creation for the toilet system
  • Fully automated and easy to operate with MLSS- and pH-sensors
  • Easily customized for your preference
  • Option to connect directly to inlet line (no holding tank needed)
  • Nutrient removal available as an option
  • Over 500 marine references



Apart from providing the region with Evac wastewater system units, UTS also supplies Evac MBR spare parts through the online channel.

The parts can be seen and bought on the UTS online store link below:


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