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UTS in Water Conservation

Published: 28 Nov 2019

United Technical Services (UTS) with EVAC is providing wastewater solutions that reduce water usage by 80% through the energy-efficient vacuum collection system. Our eco-friendly solution is compliant with industry-leading standards that contribute to a better environment and cleaner seas.

 As technology has developed, different solutions for reducing the usage of water are in practice but here are 7 reasons why it's the best time to switch to our solutions:

  1. Lesser Water Consumption: Vacuum toilet systems use only 1.2-1 liters of water per flush compared to traditional gravity toilet systems that use around 8-10 liters of water per flush. This helps reduce water footprint by up to 80-%, making these a highly sustainable option.

  1. Provides Excellent Flexibility: Unlike gravity toilet systems, vacuum toilet systems do not require continuous slopes. They can be easily routed around obstacles and transported horizontally for much more flexibility in its layout.

  1. Takes Lesser Space: Vacuum toilet system pipes come with a much smaller diameter compared to traditional toilet systems, hence taking very little space.

  2. More Comfortable and Hygienic: Vacuum toilets are way more comfortable and hygienic compared to gravity toilets as the vacuum toilets can remove odors and mist effectively.

  1. No-Risk of Wastewater Leakage: These systems use air to transport wastewater, pipe breaches result in air leaking into the pipe rather than wastewater leaking out.

  2. Easier and Cost-effective: Vacuum collection systems make building conversion, store remodeling, underground installation, and historical building renovations much cost-effective. This is due to their excellent design flexibility while not requiring lift pump stations with multiple collection points underground.

  1. Saves Space, Water, and Weight: Vacuum toilets are the most suitable toilet system for ships and offshore installations as it saves space, water, and weight.

UTS aims to help various sectors on the day to day water consumption that can contribute more Eco-friendly and saving our precious water reservoir for a more sustainable future.

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