Genesis General Purpose PDC Drill Bits

Published: 03 Jul 2018

Baker Hughes Genesis general-purpose PDC bit consistently optimizes drilling performance and minimizes nonproductive time, days on well, and drilling costs in virtually any drilling environment. The bit’s time-tested stable frame, improved cutter technology, lateral movement mitigator, enhanced gauge design, and efficient hydraulics allow operators to stay in the hole for longer periods of time with expected rates of penetration.

Initially developed through the Baker Hughes DART™ drill bit design process, the Genesis bit has proven itself as a reliable performer in cost-effective environments.


  • Hard abrasive and interbedded formations
  • Conventional and unconventional shale formations
  • Highly PDC-drillable applications
  • Virtually all cost-effective drilling environments

Baker Hughes is the most innovative and technically advanced Drill Bits manufacturer in the world. Their products are recognized as the leading industry standard and have played a major role in helping the petroleum industry find and produce energy worldwide. Baker Hughes has been providing the best-in-class products, services, and personnel to continuously improve drilling performances in the technically demanding applications across the region with world-class pedigree and industry-leading proprietary technology in each and every drill bit product type. Their greatest strength is their commitment to continuing Research and Development.

United Technical Services has been marketing, promoting and selling Baker Hughes products to the Oil & Gas Industry in Abu Dhabi since 1981. Quality is the most fundamental element of our Drill Bits business and customer satisfaction is our main goal.


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