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Water Desalination

Published: 22 Jun 2016
Image of Marine Vapour Compression Plants (VC)
Marine Vapour Compression(VC) Plant

With five decades of sustained growth, UTS provides a variety of products and services to various industries in the MENA Region. Utilizing our long-term relations with equipment makers and service providers, together with our experienced staff and the latest technology, we are able to offer market-leading performance services and world class technologies to our clients.

We have partnered with Mechanical Equipment Company (MECO) for more than 30 years to provide Vapor Compression Plants for desalination of seawater and water purification to the Marine and Oil & Gas industries. Furthermore, we deal in Reverse Osmosis System, Waste Heat Recovery Units and Enhanced Membrane Technology in partnership with MECO to provide our clients with the best suited solution for their business. Our technologies reduce the need for cleaning chemicals and consumable supplies. When we purify raw feed-water, we recover as much of our input as possible, minimizing discharge and reducing the water footprint. Our relationship with clients is backed by efficient post-sales service. MECO water purification solutions are cleaner, greener and more responsive to environmental priorities.

Image of Waste Water Heat Plant
Waste Water Heat Plant
Image of Marine Reverse Osmosis
Marine Reverse Osmosis

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