The primary aluminum industry is one of the oldest and most important manufacturing industries that GCC countries have relied upon, to develop their industrial sectors and economies, due to being a capital-intensive industry that consume a great deal of energy, especially that these factors are characteristics of the region.

The Emirate of Abu Dhabi move towards the aluminum industry was backed by favorable factors as the Emirate enjoys a competitive advantage in this industry at the global level. Abu Dhabi maintains great potential for growth, consistent with the development agenda of the Emirate, the "Economic Vision 2030" views metal industries, including aluminum, as the engines of future economic growth, which would spur achieving the objectives of the emirate regarding economic diversification.

The quest of Abu Dhabi for the aluminum industry is a strategic choice towards economic diversification, outside the main Oil & Gas industry; as a result UTS has decided to invest and take part in this growing strategic industry and partner up with key industry leaders to supply smelter equipment, spare parts and related mill services.

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